BLOX - Tower defense

Do you want to play an awesome new tower defense game?

Are you interested in learning about a world changing technology while having fun?

With BLOX you can do both and earn real cryptocurrency at the same time!

Choose your weapons, plan your strategy and join us on this adventure into the world of blockchain.

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BLOX - Tower defense



BLOX is a Tower Defense game where you defend your computer against the worst enemies on the Blockchain and get rewarded for your in-game efforts with cryptocoins.


You have Blox, the adorable good data, who are trying to build blocks using your computer, but they’re being attacked by some pesky invaders!


This is where you come in, as the last line of defense you need to fortify your computer with some of the best towers our engineers can build.



Each level you’re given some coins to build towers and you get some more by processing blockchain data. Don’t spend them all in towers though! You’ll want to collect and save as many coins as you can, because you can convert your in-game profits into real cryptocurrency – qudo.


There are lots of different towers that you can combine in new and original ways and each level also has a unique design that requires a new strategy, so every time you progress you get a different experience.


Which towers will you pick, what strategy will you choose? Unleash your potential and fill your wallet with crypto while you discover more about the exciting world of Blockchain.


Each BLOX game level is based on a real and successful blockchain project.
Do you want to have your blockchain project included in our game?



What if players were rewarded for their participation in games, allowing game developers to increase player activity and take their games to the next level? With QUDO they can!


QUDO is a proof-of-gameplay reward mechanism for the gaming industry built on the EOS network that gives the option for game developers of online games to reward gamers with tokens according to their own game mechanics.



These tokens are then used by players to buy in-game content, avoiding complicated transactions and fees through traditional means such as Credit Card, PayPal and online marketplaces. This results in secure, fraud-free, faster and more reliable transactions.


You can trade this token for other cryptocurrencies and traditional money, allowing game developers to increase their profits by interacting with the QUDO ecosystem and players to get an additional source of income.


QUDO aims to become the main gaming token, deepening the interactions between gamers and developers and allowing players to freely move their earnings between the games they play, creating a real global ecosystem.


Start rewarding your




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